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Introducing RevolutionTurntable


RevolutionTurntable is a specialty Hi-fi and audio equipment (analogue and two channel) retailer based in Osbourne Park, Western Australia.  They have an intimate knowledge of turntables and all aspects of their performance, as well as how to care for and maintain turntables to ensure they have a long lifespan.

RevolutionTurntable approached BlocksAndPixels to initially build out their website, which would offer a user friendly design, ease of uploading product listings without the the ability for customers to be able to buy online (just yet).

Since then, we’ve expanded to help with their SEO and manage the paid traffic through both Google Adwords and Facebook Ads.

We’ll run through some of the details below (note for some details are kept vague on purpose for confidentiality reasons).




Web Site:

Business Owner: Pierre Wigger

Manager: Jim Mirco


  • Web site
  • SEO (Local, General)
  • Pay Per Click Management
  • Advice


Web Site


The brief for the RevolutionTurntable was quite straight-forward, with the following requirements:

  • Hi-fi oriented design
  • Must be able to list products on the site, however customers cannot buy online just yet
  • Must be mobile friendly
  • Must be able to list brands of products on the site
  • Easy to read text and an intuitive design
  • Ability to post blog posts

The website went through 2 rounds of development before we hit on a design that RevolutionTurntable was happy with.  We then worked with RevolutionTurntable to train them on how to use the site, including how to post blog posts, upload images and products onto the site and ensure they have the correct categorization of items (important for both usability and SEO) and provided relevant documentation that they could refer to at a later date.


Since then, we have helped maintain the web site ensuring it stays up to date with the latest WordPress releases, remains performant as the database grows and provided advice on queries from the team at RevolutionTurntable.


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)


As part of the initial web site build, we ensured that SEO was a primary thought during the development process.  This meant that when the site was launched,  the technical SEO was largely complete as was the on-page optimisations.

Early on in the process we also spent a lot of time carrying out both keyword and competitor research to ensure the messaging that copy used was congruent with the brand RevolutionTurntable was aiming for.

Other SEO focused tasks that we carried out as part of the web site build include:

  • planning site build, including technical aspects of categorization of products & blog posts, photo details (size, title, alt tags), performance considerations, URL structures
  • ensuring headlines, sub-headings and page copy were congruent with RevolutionTurntable brand and the market they wished to target
  • ensuring the site is easy to navigate for users
  • title and meta tags were used correctly
Once the site was launched we focused on a key areas (most of which are on-going) which provide the most benefit in terms of SEO, these include:
  • setting up profiles on Google My Business and G+ to help aide with local SEO as well as sitemaps, submission of site to Google / Bing indexes, Google Analytics and Google Search Console setup
  • regular blog posts to inform their clients of product news, tips etc. These posts are written by the team at RevolutionTurntable as they have significant domain expertise in this sector. In addition to this great content helping their SEO over the long term, this also helps to build their credibility with any potential clients.
  • performance optimisations of the site to ensure a reasonable load time remains at all times as the database grows.
  • 301 redirects / 404 errors are used correctly when links and pages no longer are applicable
Although it is a on-going and slow process, RevolutionTurntable are starting to see significant benefits as a result of our (RevolutionTurntable and BlocksAndPixels) hard work. Although for competitive reasons we can’t be too specific with our results we’ll try and outline some of the details below.
  • search traffic has increased over the last 6 months by 40%
  • the average top position has improved by 10%
  • total bounce rate for the site has decreased by 9%


Pay Per Click (PPC) Management


At the beginning of 2016, RevolutionTurntable approached us to manage their PPC account. After discussing their goals, budget and any concerns they had, we got to work on the following:
  • keyword and competitor research, this time focused on particularly on PPC channels
  • building initial keyword lists from competitor research and existing knowledge of the industry
  • deciding on locations and ad networks to target
  • generating the initial negative keyword lists
  • working on ad copy and relevant landing pages pertinent to target devices
  • deciding on ad groups and campaigns
  • creating ads based on the steps above
  • improving on the negative keyword lists
  • refining ad groups, ads and keyword lists
  • split testing and optimising ads and ad groups as the budget allowed
Over the last few months of running the PPC campaigns, we have had the following results (again for confidentiality reasons we are vague on purpose here):
  • decreased the average Cost Per Click (CPC) by 40% from the start of the campaigns (decreasing total cost by 7%)
  • increased the Click Through Rate (CTR) by 43%
  • increased the number of clicks by 52%
  • held a steady bounce rate
  • increased the number of pages per session by 5%
  • increased the total traffic to their site by 23%
  • achieved 10/10 quality scores on some keywords, for example:
10 out of 10 Quality Score

 Cumulative Results


To date, the total effect of all of this work has been very positive with RevolutionTurntable reporting that at least 50% of their business comes from their web site, which is primarily driven by both organic search and paid traffic (as opposed to social media, forums etc).
We think that this is even more impressive when the fact that online purchasing hasn’t yet been enabled on the site, meaning that there is a disconnect between potential customers seeing products that they like, and calling / visiting the physical store to purchase the product.
The reason for this is that anytime a barrier to purchasing is are presented to the user as part of the buying process, the risk of them dropping out of the conversion increases substantially.
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RevolutionTurntable Feedback


Michael Thomsen was engaged by us to establish a new web site for our fledgling retail niche market establishment called Revolution Turntable. In this capacity Michael designed, constructed and launched a completed and functional website. His work included education and guidance for we the owners, who are complete and utter newbies to the internet web world. Michael produced a comprehensive instruction manual, to help guide us to list our products. He was always on hand to assist us in our numerous inquiries, helping with our basic questions and supporting us to correct the mistakes that we inevitably made.

Once the website was bedded down and we had got used to this phase of development, we further engaged Michael to enhance the system that he had developed. This work involved improving search engine optimization (SEO), a fabulous search capacity for the website, and devising an AdWord Campaign for our website. Michael’s website, combined with the SEO and AdWord Campaign enhancements, has resulted in an enormous increase in website traffic, business and sales.

We have found Michael to be incredibly knowledgeable, diligent, reliable and courteous. He has always been on hand to assist us and, in our opinion, makes a first class website guru. His professional services have exceeded our expectations and most certainly met our business needs.

– Jim Mirco

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